but they are hard to find

Indhrivanam has no chance of obtaining a high ranking on the main tourist accommodation review site, Tripadvisor, as this requires a constant flow of reviews. The problem is that Tripadvisor's algorithm for calculating accommodation ranking is based on the number and frequency of reviews rather than their quality, and as Indhrivanam is easily the smallest accommodation provider with only one unit, we are always well hidden far down on the ranking lists. Indhrivanam is usually somewhere between 25th and 45th out of 120 in Thekkady in the B&B and Inns category. The good news is that based on average rating, Indhrivanam is the 1st or 2nd highest rated accommodation in Thekkady out of all approximately 250 accommodations with an average of 4.9 (out of 5).

Of course, Tripadvisor's many flaws don't decrease the value of Indhrivanam's Tripadvisor reviews. So, please check those if you are considering staying here. In addition, we have reviews on Airbnb, we got a nice mention in an article by Mahananda Bohidar on halabol.com, we really appreciate the considerate blog post from Barbara Bell who stayed at Indhrivanam in 2013, and, finally, we were reviewed favourably in Lonely Planet Magazine India's August 2015 edition (pdf, 1 MB).